List of vinyl cutters supported by DrawCut PRO and EXPERT

May 25, 2015

Here is a full list of all vinyl cutter and cutting plotter models supported by our new cutting software DrawCut PRO and EXPERT:


  • Secabo C30 IV
  • Secabo C30IV Basic
  • Secabo C60 IV
  • Secabo C120 IV
  • Secabo C30III
  • Secabo C60III
  • Secabo C120III
  • Secabo S60
  • Secabo S120
  • Secabo S160
  • Secabo T60 LAPOS XPT
  • Secabo T120 LAPOS XPT
  • Secabo T160 LAPOS XPT


  • Graphtec CE1000-60
  • Graphtec CE2000-120
  • Graphtec CE2000-60
  • Graphtec CE2800-60
  • Graphtec CE3000-120
  • Graphtec CE3000-40
  • Graphtec CE3000-40-CRP
  • Graphtec CE3000-60
  • Graphtec CE3000MkII-120
  • Graphtec CE3000MkII-60
  • Graphtec CE5000-120
  • Graphtec CE5000-40-CRP
  • Graphtec CE5000-60
  • Graphtec CE6000-120
  • Graphtec CE6000-40
  • Graphtec CE6000-60
  • Graphtec FC2100-120
  • Graphtec FC2100-50
  • Graphtec FC2100-60
  • Graphtec FC2100-90
  • Graphtec FC2200-50
  • Graphtec FC2200-90
  • Graphtec FC2200-90EX
  • Graphtec FC223X-60
  • Graphtec FC223X-90
  • Graphtec FC223X-90EX
  • Graphtec FC2250-120
  • Graphtec FC2250-180
  • Graphtec FC2250-60
  • Graphtec FC2300-50
  • Graphtec FC3100-100
  • Graphtec FC3100-120
  • Graphtec FC3100-60
  • Graphtec FC3200-50
  • Graphtec FC3200-90
  • Graphtec FC3200-90EX
  • Graphtec FC3209-60
  • Graphtec FC3212-180
  • Graphtec FC3212-240
  • Graphtec FC3212-90
  • Graphtec FC3600
  • Graphtec FC4100-100
  • Graphtec FC4100-130
  • Graphtec FC4100-75
  • Graphtec FC4200-50
  • Graphtec FC4200-60
  • Graphtec FC4210-60
  • Graphtec FC5100-100
  • Graphtec FC5100-130
  • Graphtec FC5100-150
  • Graphtec FC5100-75
  • Graphtec FC7000 MK2-100
  • Graphtec FC7000 MK2-130
  • Graphtec FC7000 MK2-160
  • Graphtec FC7000 MK2-60
  • Graphtec FC7000 MK2-75
  • Graphtec FC7000-100
  • Graphtec FC7000-130
  • Graphtec FC7000-160
  • Graphtec FC7000-60
  • Graphtec FC7000-75
  • Graphtec FC8000-100
  • Graphtec FC8000-130
  • Graphtec FC8000-60
  • Graphtec FC8000-75
  • Graphtec FC8600-100
  • Graphtec FC8600-130
  • Graphtec FC8600-160
  • Graphtec FC8600-60
  • Graphtec FC8600-75


  • Mimaki APC-130
  • Mimaki CF3-1610
  • Mimaki CF3-1631
  • Mimaki CG-100EX
  • Mimaki CG-100LX
  • Mimaki CG-100SRII
  • Mimaki CG-100SRIII
  • Mimaki CG-101
  • Mimaki CG-12
  • Mimaki CG-121
  • Mimaki CG-130EX
  • Mimaki CG-130FX
  • Mimaki CG-130FXII
  • Mimaki CG-130LX
  • Mimaki CG-130SRII
  • Mimaki CG-130SRIII
  • Mimaki CG-160FX
  • Mimaki CG-160FXII
  • Mimaki CG-45
  • Mimaki CG-5
  • Mimaki CG-50
  • Mimaki CG-51
  • Mimaki CG-6
  • Mimaki CG-60
  • Mimaki CG-60EX
  • Mimaki CG-60SL
  • Mimaki CG-60SR
  • Mimaki CG-60SRIII
  • Mimaki CG-60st
  • Mimaki CG-61
  • Mimaki CG-75FX
  • Mimaki CG-75FXII
  • Mimaki CG-75ML
  • Mimaki CG-9
  • Mimaki CG-90
  • Mimaki CJV30 please see


  • Roland CM-12
  • Roland CM-24
  • Roland CM-300
  • Roland CM-400
  • Roland CM-500
  • Roland CX-12
  • Roland CX-24
  • Roland CX-300
  • Roland CX-400
  • Roland CX-500
  • Roland GS-24
  • Roland GX-24
  • Roland GX-300
  • Roland GX-400
  • Roland GX-500
  • Roland GX-640
  • Roland PNC-1000
  • Roland PNC-1000A
  • Roland PNC-1050
  • Roland PNC-1100
  • Roland PNC-1200
  • Roland PNC-1210
  • Roland PNC-1410
  • Roland PNC-1510
  • Roland PNC-1600
  • Roland PNC-1800
  • Roland PNC-1850
  • Roland PNC-1860
  • Roland PNC-1900
  • Roland PNC-2000
  • Roland PNC-2100
  • Roland PNC-2200
  • Roland PNC-2300
  • Roland PNC-2300 3D
  • Roland PNC-2300A
  • Roland PNC-2500
  • Roland PNC-2700E
  • Roland PNC-2700M
  • Roland PNC-3000
  • Roland PNC-3100
  • Roland PNC-500
  • Roland PNC-5000
  • Roland PNC-900
  • Roland PNC-910
  • Roland PNC-950
  • Roland PNC-960
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1200
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1210
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1410
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1810
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1850
  • Roland PNC-PRO-1860
  • Roland SV-12
  • Roland SV-15
  • Roland SV-8
  • Roland SX-12
  • Roland SX-15
  • Roland SX-8


  • Summa D1000
  • Summa D1010
  • Summa D1010 PRO
  • Summa D1010 PRO SL
  • Summa D1020
  • Summa D120
  • Summa D120 Pharos
  • Summa D120 SE
  • Summa D120R
  • Summa D1220
  • Summa D1300
  • Summa D1300 PRO
  • Summa D140
  • Summa D140 Pharos
  • Summa D1400 PRO
  • Summa D1400 PRO SL
  • Summa D140R
  • Summa D15
  • Summa D160
  • Summa D160 Pharos
  • Summa D160 SE
  • Summa D1600 PRO SL
  • Summa D1600 PRO SL
  • Summa D500
  • Summa D520
  • Summa D60
  • Summa D60 SE
  • Summa D60 SE Desktop
  • Summa D60 SE Pharos
  • Summa D60/U
  • Summa D60R
  • Summa D610
  • Summa D610 PRO
  • Summa D620
  • Summa D750
  • Summa D750 PRO
  • Summa D750 PRO SL
  • Summa D75R
  • Summa D760
  • Summa Eclipse 24
  • Summa Eclipse 48
  • Summa S120 D
  • Summa S120 T
  • Summa S140 D
  • Summa S140 T
  • Summa S160 D
  • Summa S160 T
  • Summa S2 120-D
  • Summa S2 120-T
  • Summa S2 140-D
  • Summa S2 140-T
  • Summa S2 140-T4
  • Summa S2 160-D
  • Summa S2 160-T
  • Summa S2 160-T4
  • Summa S2 75-D
  • Summa S2 75-T
  • Summa S2 75-T4
  • Summa S75 D
  • Summa S75 T
  • Summa T Plus 1010
  • Summa T1000
  • Summa T1010
  • Summa T1010 PRO
  • Summa T1010 PRO SL
  • Summa T1010A
  • Summa T1300
  • Summa T1300 PRO
  • Summa T1300A
  • Summa T140
  • Summa T1400 PRO
  • Summa T1400 PRO SL
  • Summa T1600 PRO SL
  • Summa T520
  • Summa T610
  • Summa T610 PRO
  • Summa T750
  • Summa T750 PRO
  • Summa T750 PRO SL

32 Comments. Leave new

I have a LIYU TC631 using Artcut at the moment (which I find annoying). Does your software support the LIYU TC631?

February 6, 2015 14:30

Hi Colin!

We can absolutely understand, that you are annoyed by Artcut – so are we and many others. But unfortunately LIYU cutters are not supported in DrawCut and they also will not be in future. So maybe it is time to start over with a new machine in 2015 as well. We are happy to assist you whenever needed.

All the best,

the DrawCut team.


Hi there does your software support a Refine EH721 cutter? Sometimes know as a Goldcut JK Series?

March 29, 2015 08:20

Hi Ian!

Thank you for posting on our blog. Unfortunately, Refine cutters are not supported in any version of DrawCut.

All the best,

the DrawCut team


Does the Pro Software support Mimaki CJV Machines?

May 28, 2015 08:03

Hi Adam!

We don’t officially support the Mimaki CJV, because they use a custom USB port, but it is possible to integrate them in DrawCut PRO end EXPERT, though.

Please follow these instructions to install the required driver:

Best regards,



I m newbie (in cutting..) and I m starting working with a Summa sign T1010. As I can suported by Drawcut.
Should I install somenthing special for Windows 7 x64 ?

thank you and regards

August 10, 2015 12:17

Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. You don’t need to install something special, only install DrawCut and select the cutter from the list. This should do. Best regards, Fabian.


Hallo zusammen Hab einen Roland PNC 1100 Plotter wie bekomme ich den Treiber instaliert
PS Habe im moment noch die Demo version

August 10, 2015 12:18

Hallo Hans, Du musst keinen Treiber installieren, einfach die Lizenzversion von DrawCut installieren und Lizenz eingeben, dann den Plotter aus der Liste der Geräte wählen, fertig. Bitte entschuldige unsere späte Antwort. Viele Grüße, Fabian.


Hi Dear Friends, I want to buy Cutting Plotter, my options is Graphtec FC8600 and Summa Cut D75
which one is best for Name and design cutting.

Oliver Tiedemann
December 7, 2015 07:16


both Graphtec and Summa are very well machines and both manufacturers have a good reputation. You will do fine with both of them.


Will DrawCut work in place of Sure Cuts A Lot (Pro version 4)?

I have several plotter/cutters. Two are from USCUTTERS, a Copan 4500 and a 15 inch Titan. I also have two 24″ Silver Bullet machines.

Oliver Tiedemann
December 30, 2015 08:40


you can find the official list of supported cutters at

For the Copam machine, we don’t have any experience and I don’t know which plotter language these machines use, they might work with selecting Roland drivers.

The USCUtter Titan should work when you select Secabo C30IV as machine and the SilverBullet with Secabo C60III


Hi, I’ve installed DrawCut Lite trial version. I could install a Secabo machine, but I cannot add a Graphtec (FC3100-120, which is in the list of supported devices). I’m trying to install through the Vinyl Spooler, but it only shows the list for the Secabo machines. Any idea on what’s happening? Thanks in advance 😉

Oliver Tiedemann
April 6, 2016 10:01


the DrawCut LITE only supports Secabo machines. Only DrawCut PRO supports other brands.

Diane Carroll
June 14, 2016 22:23

good to know!


We have had a problem with our SO, because of this, the HD have been erased, and we have changed it for another one. Now we can’t deactivate DrawCut Lite serial in this Pc.

Before to reinstall the programa, it is necessary to deactivate one license to reinstall in another one, but now, we can’t deactivate it, the HD is not accessible.

¿Is possible to install again in other Pc with the serial? We need 2 installations in two Pc’s.


Oliver Tiedemann
July 12, 2016 14:05


thanks for your inquiry. It is only possible to install 1 license number on 1 PC. If you do not have access to your hard drive, please send us an e-mail to with your license number, so we can release it and it can then be reinstalled again.


We do have a Mutoh kona 1650. Is it your software compatible?




as far as we know, the Mutoh kona 1650 is not compatible with DrawCut, I am sorry.

Best regards,



Ist es möglich ihnen anzurufen?

Oliver Tiedemann
September 14, 2017 09:43


natürlich. Sie erreichen uns unter +49 8442 95840 0

Romero Miradores
September 17, 2017 11:06


I’m planning to buy a GCC cutter. Which model is supported?

Oliver Tiedemann
November 21, 2017 08:11


I am sorry but DrawCut does not support GCC. We recommend the following brands which are fully supported: Secabo, Roland Summa, Mimaki, Graphtec.


Hi I have a graphtec FC3100-100 and I’m looking for the pepper software to operate the plotter, I can’t find the software on graphtecs site. Where would I go about finding the software??

Thanks in advance.

Oliver Tiedemann
November 21, 2017 08:09


I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software. Maybe you would like to give DrawCut a try.


Hello, i am just testing a used Mimaki CG-75FX cutter plotter and I installed the Drawcut Pro and for the driver this one: mkdriver_v415 from the Mimaki download site.
But I cannot setup the cutter plotter proberly in Drawcut: it could not be found in the connection settings of Drawcut Pro.
What do I have to do?

Thank you!

Oliver Tiedemann
December 7, 2017 20:40


what exactly are your connection settings? The machine can only automatically be detected if it uses a genuine USB connection without additional drivers. If your Mimaki uses a virtual COM port you will need to set this as COM-Port or possibly Windows Port, e.g. when using it through LAN instead of USB.


is the Mimaki CG-130FX fully compatible with LAPOS. Also barcode reading and all other LAPSO features?


Hello, is MIMAKI CV-130FX fully compatible with LAPOS functions? Thank You.

Oliver Tiedemann
December 7, 2017 20:38


unfortunately not. The Mimaki CG130FX can only use the manual cropmark alignment system but neither the automatic, nor the barcode reading feature. These are only supported by the Secabo T-series machines.


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